Chat Support Services

Leverage your sales with chat support services solutions.

Are you searching for a great chat support agency in USA to engage, respond or maintain a community of loyal customers around your business? Then you are at the right place, here at NexLinks you can have access to professional chat support agents that can help you grow your sales and qualified leads.

  • We at NexLinks, aspire to add value, facilitate and support our clients’ business as a strategic chat support provider.
  • Our team of chat support agents is qualified and trained in different chat support software to deliver its services in a wide range of industries such as real estate, clothing, cosmetics and etc.
  • Our strategy is different from others as we provide personalized chat support solutions to cater to your unique requirements.

Why Hire Chat Outsourcing Support Agency?

Boost sales and increase revenue with chat support services.

Is your business struggling with fewer sales? Are you struggling to maintain a constant flow of new visitors? Is it difficult for you to engage, respond or guide the customers? Then hiring a chat support company could be a pretty good idea for maximizing sales, engaging customers and maintaining a constant stream of new customers by building higher trust level among customers.

  • In this highly competitive world, it is difficult to engage and maintain a cult like following without connecting with customers at a deep level; therefore, outsourcing chat support could be the best option.
  • In turn, customer engagement and connectedness will assist in building trustworthiness, increased sales and qualified leads.
  • Hiring a chat support agency could further help you and your team to save time and money to focus on other important areas that need attention.

Strategic Benefits of Chat Support

Reasons to outsource chat support services

  • Optimize conversion rates
  • Increased sales & more profits
  • More customer connectedness
  • More customer engagement
  • Building a higher level of trust among clients
  • More cost-effectiveness & efficiency
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Enhance customer satisfaction

What Makes Us a Standout among's Others?

Customer support is the next frontier for us when it comes to delivering essential business services. Not only for the provider but most importantly for the customer, our online Chat support services put a priority on focus and total satisfaction. The minimum dead time of online Chat support services greatly increases the overall efficiency of your company and is very profitable.


At Nexlinks, we provide customized support to our clients according to their specifications.


Detailed reports are generated on weekly basis for the clients for review and evaluation.


At Nexlinks, we also provide our client’s access to get involve in hiring process.

Customer Service Outsourcing Delivery Format

With our talent-based routing scheme, we've been helping the people of the United States for over ten years. Our professional and competent agents will easily evaluate the individual on the other end of the line. They know how to deal with various types of clients, how to relax their nerves, and whether they'd be satisfied with a range of deals or major discounts. Calls are automatically redirected to an available agent with the talent to handle a specific customer after skills are allocated to an agent on the system.

Forms of Customer Service

  • Phone Call
  • Email
  • Live Chat
  • Social Media

Best CRM Tools

  • Zendesk
  • Teamwork
  • Support Ninja
  • Salesforce

Training Support

  • Tools Handling
  • Communication Behavior
  • Product Knowledge
  • Service Knowledge

Payment Handling

  • Gateways Knowledge
  • Merchant Knowledge
  • Payment Portal Handling
  • Pricing Strategy

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